The Best Online Casino Apps for Betting Strategies

Online casino app on tablet

While almost all online casino games are based entirely on luck, there are some strategies that, on occasion, manage to turn things to a player’s favor. It is safe to say often players aren’t aware of the full rules of the game they are playing – this is why there are a bunch of strategies and tutorials to help them gain further insight into their favorite casino title. While reading those strategy guides can be useful, it may prove a bit inconvenient – unless you’re using a special app for that. In this review, we will explore some of the best online casino strategy apps available today.

Baccarat Pro by Autobetic

Baccarat Pro mobile app iconDeveloped by the company Autobetic Private Ltd., this is considered to be the best mobile strategy app for Baccarat. While this application provides an excellent tutorial for the game of Baccarat, it is not what makes it special. “Baccarat Pro” gives a user the chance to create their own strategies and test them out in emulation of game matches. In only a few minutes, users will be able to “run through” 100,000 shoes and see which strategy performed the best, based on the detailed report that is generated after the simulation has concluded. We have ranked “Baccarat Pro” as being the best, due to its innovative strategy-testing functions. The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices, and although free, it does include some in-app purchases.

Learn Pro Blackjack for Apple Devices

Learn Pro Blackjack mobile app icon“Learn Pro Blackjack” is an application made exclusively for iOS-based devices. It provides a full tutorial on how to play blackjack, basic strategies, learning flashcards, and a blackjack test game, where users can try out what they’ve learned without risking any money in the process. This app is also made to support the “retina display” of Apple devices, meaning that the graphics will look impressive. This application can be purchased from iTunes.

”How to Play Poker and Win” by LIVentures

How to Play Poker and Win mobile app iconWhen it comes to poker teaching applications, this one is considered to be one of the best. It is a paid app, and it will only be available for devices that run on iOS (iPhones and iPads). The app contains features such as the history of the game, basic and advance strategies, mistakes to avoid, online poker tips, bluffing, and a whole lot more. Apple device users can buy “How to Play Poker and Win” from the iTunes app store.

Video Poker Cheater by Brainware

Video Poker Cheater mobile app iconProduced by Brainware LLC, this video poker strategy app delivers an interesting educational experience but offers something else as well. In addition to helping people learn more about how to play the 18 different kinds of video poker present in the app, Video Poker Cheater also has a function that helps players determine which cards to hold, based on any dealt hand! While the use of this app will probably be prohibited in any land-based casino, no one will know if you use it online. There are two minor drawbacks though – the app isn’t free, and it is supported only by Apple’s iOS devices.

”How to Play Roulette and Win” by LIVentures

How to Play Roulette and Win mobile app iconAnother educational casino app by LIVentures LLC, this one thoroughly explains the rules of roulette. In addition to the history crash course of roulette as a game, the app has beginner and expert game strategies, tips, and much more. Just like the previous app of LIVentures, this one is also meant for iOS mobile devices, and it has to be purchased from the iTunes store.

An App Can Help a Player to Become Better

Strategy app for casino games are an excellent way for players to gain a bit more confidence in their betting decisions, and also expand their knowledge regarding their game of choice. Expert players are known to also make use of them, as with almost every new update, the apps offer newly discovered strategies and more useful features. While the apps listed here are considered to be the best, most of them are paid – if you’re not looking too much in the quality of the app, you can always search for free alternatives online.